Coffee: a potential cross reactivity food.

cross-reactivity-food-gluten   Gluten sensible people can also strongly react to other foods that can seems similar to there immune system.   I personally discovered first that I was strongly intolerant to coffee before to be aware of my gluten sensibility.   Did you know that some cross reactivity food could really make you feel bad as gluten do.  Depending of what part of the gluten component your sensible to, “Tapioca, sorghum, buck wheat, arrow root, quinoa and corn” could also cause you the same problem as gluten. Some foods like “coffee, milk, Eggs, Chocolate, Yeast, millet, soy, rice potatoes and sesame” could also be cross reactive for some people. Here is the tube about the cross reaction food.  It’s fulfilled of great explanation about gluten sensibility and cross reactivity food.

Courtesy of the Youtube channel of Dr Richard Hagmeyer
Photo credit: (by: foto76)

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