FDA has defined what is realy a “gluten-free” product

gluten free stampOn August of 2013, The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a final rule to define characteristics of the food labeled “gluten free”, “without gluten”, “free of gluten”, establishing by the way a new standard.

Now, “Gluten Free” labelled products should never contain more than 20 ppm (parts per millions) of gluten.  This is the minimum level that can be detected by modern scientific tools.


The new “Gluten-Free” standard definition makes it clear for producers about how to label their product.  It also secures people with celiac desease that were not able to trust all the “Gluten-Free” labeling as some product were sometime contaminated with small amount of gluten, making them sick.

Read more about this directly on the FDA website:



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