My testimony

At the time I write this, I feel good. I feel so good I want to shout to the world. I am having a hard time containing myself and staying in one place. I can now do what seemed so laborious just a few months ago (physical activities, tasks daily life, meet people, etc..).

I want to tell you how simply avoiding eating foods containing gluten (mostly derived from wheat flour) has literally changed my life for the better. And how! But to understand the significance of this discovery, I have to share what I was experiencing.

Today, if I had a picture to describe the effect of gluten, it would look like a spider on the back of a portrait where you could not see where the spider is attached to the canvas in several places. I was tired physically and psychologically. No wonder, my body was being slowly destroyed for so long … little by little, but all the time.
I’m talking about a spider because gluten intolerance is manifested in my case as an entangled network of health problems on the canvas back of my portrait. These problems were ruining my life, they were many, still without much explanation. As time progressed, the symptoms were numerous:

The symptoms of intolerance to gluten can be difficult to understand. I am neither a doctor nor a specialist, but I still want to share with you here the symptoms of gluten intolerance that were personally spoiling my life, some good resources and recipes to help people that are gluten intolerant.

Here is the page where I talk about my symptoms of gluten intolerance.