Benefits of a gluten-free diet

For me, the benefits of a gluten-free diet were many. The life became light and pleasant. All health ailments mentioned before have gradually disappeared. I lost a lot of weight. But above all, I feel good and I want to shout to the world and it is here that I do that!

Why? Because, if you are on this site, it’s most likely because you have symptoms that could be related to gluten intolerance, or because you know someone who suffers from this condition.

You want to know what gluten is. What gluten intoleranceis. And what are the ways to diagnose gluten intolerance or just to find out what foods are gluten-free and where to get them. You are in the right place.

Feel at home, whether it is to learn, share your testimony or your knowledge. Here the support is in the spotlight for the well-being of all.