Gluten intolerance symptoms I had.

As I previously said, symptoms of intolerance to gluten can be difficult to understand. They can be different a little different for each person. I  am neither a doctor nor a specialist, but I still want to share with you here the symptoms I had that were spoiling my life:

When I was little, I remember, they said I was slow. I remember in elementary school I was always among the last to tie my shoes.
Head in the Clouds:

In elementary school, I also remember very well being referred to as a “lunatic”. I had a tendency to lose my concentration. I even remember that at this very young age, the school principal told me that I “would not go very far,” referring to my whimsical state.  Today, my limits have disappeared along with gluten and lactose!

Stomachache and flatulence:
Still very young, I was plagued by flatulence and bloating. Embarrassed, I did not want to attract attention. The problem with this painful bloating was that it was common and ranged over long periods for no apparent reason. I tried to act as if nothing happened.

Chest pain:
I do not know if you’ve ever experienced this. Since high school, I was overwhelmed by this very serious symptom. It is a serious pain which seemed to be located either in the heart or lungs, the approximate size of an apple seed that radiated and grew. This pain was sometimes manifested on my right side, sometimes in the middle, sometimes on the left side. Sometimes in several places simultaneously. I sometimes felt as if someone had hit me with a knife in the chest. Sometimes the pain was so intense that I felt like I was going to faint.

After talking to my doctor, and after a battery of examinations, they could not see where the problem originated. Failing to find the source, the doctor proposed that it could be, perhaps, anxiety. I was then told that it was safe and that I should ignore this symptom as much as possible.

Excessive need for sleep:
Around the age of 16, I felt an excessive need for sleep. I could easily sleep 12, 14 or even 16 hours without finding enough energy to continue my day.
I even stopped attending school for a period of time because I was sleeping at night, and also through the day. Imagine!

Dysfunction of the thyroid gland:
During the time when I felt a continuing need for sleep, the doctors discovered that my thyroid was completely unbalanced. I had hyperthyroidism at times, then I would fall into a constant hypothyroidism.

Who says hypothyroidism also speaks of lack of motivation, abnormal weight gain, irritability, etc.? Once hypothyroidism is cared for and well controlled, many of these symptoms seemed settled.

Aching bones and joints:
At the age of 22, I started to feel strange sensations in the lower legs. They were worse when I consumed coffee. So I thought I was intolerant to coffee. I talked to my doctor, but nothing more. Then I dropped my coffee consumption. These feelings then decreased. However, the pain eventually increased. They sometimes even kept me awake at night!

Then I felt some pain in my hip when I was ice skating or inline skating, as if my hip was worn. I began to find myself missing my youth!

Memory loss:
In addition to having my head in the clouds, it seems that at the age of 20 years, memory problems began to join the party.

I was on a trip and the organizer clearly explained to us our itinerary and a few locations. Unable to remember the first destination, I said to him, “Sorry for the question, but what is the first place we go?”. The organizer then thought that I was just fooling around. I was really uncomfortable with not being able to remember some details easily and quickly. I knew this was not normal, but what could I do? Though I tried to focus my attention … nothing worked.
The burden of daily work:
It is impressive to see how the human tendency to believe that his condition is normal. Probably a little because of other consequences (symptoms) of gluten intolerance, seemed heavy every day. It is difficult to enjoy a day when you feel constantly sick or irritated.

Fatigue, irritation and discomfort performing various tasks made it all the more difficult and discouraging.

Luckily at a very young age a positive outlook on life and a constant need to rise above my circumstances had been instilled in me! This is what helped me overcome all this heaviness and irritation.

Need to drink water:
After each meal, I felt a discomfort that led me to drink water. I drank so much water that it led me to go to the bathroom so often that it was making me too sick for any activity for a certain period (class, travel, entertainment, etc..).
Numbness of fingers and feet:
A few years before discovering my gluten intolerance, I began to feel numbness in my fingers and toes. I felt the numbness occasionally, but it became more and more frequent. Even when I watched television, or laid down or when I slept. The numbness continued to occur frequently and regardless of the weather as well. Nothing seemed to relieve it.

Blood tests did not indicate the presence of diabetes. This symptom was still mysterious.
Intense Pain:
Towards the end, I suffered from bouts of intestinal pain more intense. These usually lasted several hours, 4-6 hours at a time. The pain was sometimes very cruel. Today, if I eat a product containing gluten by mistake, the pain starts again and increases in its intensity is proportional to the amount.
Inflammation of the intestines:
On several occasions, the intense pain has forced me to see a doctor who told me that I my intestines were very, very inflamed. He offered to test me to see if a particular food can cause this inflammation. At the time, I could not identify any food. Today, looking back, I am able to discern clearly that it was gluten (especially bread).

Constant nausea:
About one month before I understood my gluten intolerance, I began to feel nauseous all day long, no matter what I ate, no matter the amount. I also had a bitter taste in the mouth.

After a month, I stopped eating for a few days and then tried to eat foods one by one. My first test was a piece of bread. I immediately felt discomfort, a need to drink, and to go to the bathroom, and I had pain in the chest. So I thought I was allergic to bread or flour…

Discovery of gluten intolerance:
As I began learning more about gluten and eliminating it from my diet, the nausea, bloating, bone pain, terrible chest pain and other symptoms have completely  disappeared.

I later found out that the only other foods that affected me, other than gluten and coffee, were dairy products and chocolate. When I ate or drank them, I had less energy, and much less focus. Milk put my head in the clouds … it also inflamed my intestines.