What are gluten-free products?


Gluten-free products are certified free of gluten and traces of gluten. They are usually identified on the packaging. More and more supermarkets reserve shelves or aisles for gluten-free products.

Gluten-free products are usually placed near the organic food sections. Moreover, you will discover that they are often synonymous with quality and good taste!
Also be aware that some governments (eg: Canada) reimburse (in the form of tax credit) the difference between the cost of “gluten-free” and the price of a similar product with gluten for those diagnosed with “Celiac” . Read our page on the reimbursement of food gluten-free fur further information about it.

There are also gluten-free restaurants and grocery stores full of “gluten free” products. It is even possible in some places to order online groceries that are “gluten free” and can be delivered to us at home!